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This site is designed to help you prepare for the CDE ™ exam with less studying, less stress, more confidence and a higher pass rate.

1) See how prepared you are for the exam right now! Just click on the start quiz to test your knowledge. For the full versions of the quizzes go to the Free Quizzes section

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2) See what kinds of questions people asked last year on day before the exam. Click here to check the Q-and-A session from last year.

3) Click here to check out how to study for the exam.

4) If you found any of the quizzes useful and want more then check out one of the 165 question Practice Exams that has explanations for all the answers. Your pass is guaranteed or your money back. Currently my students have a 95.8% pass rate. Click here to go to the purchase page.

Below are testimonials from health care professionals who wrote the 2017 CDE ™ exam:
The practice examination provided by this site feels so real.  The questions are high quality questions and the multiple choices are so good that you have debate between at least 2 options. The questions require you to think, apply concept and knowledge and the guidelines. The best part is the explanation. Not only it tells which answer is correct but explains why other 3 are wrong ( they have really worked hard to get this part right). What was an added bonus is there were links / page # provided for further study.
I feel extremely confident after taking this exam. I know what areas I need to work on ( the site provided marks competency wise) and I am confident that in remaining week, I should be able to get better in those areas.
In the end, do NOT take the CDE exam without taking this practice test. You are awesome Esmond. You are educating the educators. Keep up the good work and may God bless you.
Bhavin Desai


”I first got my Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) title in 1998 and I remember how hard it was to prepare for the exam.  As a pharmacist, our training in the day to day management of diabetes was minimal at best at the school level. I managed to pass on my first attempt but many of my colleagues were not as lucky.
I stumbled onto the website  and was very impressed with the content.  Esmond had obviously put a great deal of effort in creating questions that cover many of the competencies required for successful completion of the exam.   The practice exam provides instant feedback for participants with detailed descriptions of both the right and wrong answers.  When writing the actual exam this year I found many of the practice questions mirrored the difficulty of questions presented in the exam.
It certainly was well worth the cost of access to his site.  I would encourage anyone preparing for the certification exam to take a look at what the website can offer to you.  I am confident you will find the website useful to yourself and will recommend it to your colleagues moving forward, as I most certainly will.”

Rick Siemens
R.Ph; CDE, Additional Prescribing Authority, 2018 Diabetes Canada Guideline Contributor (Monitoring Glycemic Control)

Testimonial: Esmond; on you testimonial page I see people writing from AB, ON, and BC, so I thought I would let you know that we in Atlantic Canada also LOVE your website and the assistance it provides as we study for CDE recertification or 1st time certifications!! My friend and I studied together last year, and when I found your site I was elated and amazed that you take such pride in being a CDE and it definitely demonstrates this as you share your knowledge and professional background through this site. Last year, my friend, Mavis and I, paid for your exam and wrote it together making sure we timed it according to the time allotted for the CDE exam. We took our time on some questions and discussed others questions so we went over by 10 minutes however we figured that without the discussions we would have had ample time to write the exam. We wrote 2 weeks prior to the CDE EXAM and the feedback you provided gave us all the information needed to identify our weaker areas and we also had time to devote to theses areas prior to the exam! We both passed – I for the 3rd time, and Mavis for the 1st time. She told me that your site was more helpful that the online course she took!! This year I have shared you website with Dietitians new to our outpatient Diabetes Education Clinic; they will be writing on May 26th here in Fredericton, NB and when I told them how helpful your site has been in previous years and that your provided IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK when the exam is marked, they wanted the web address straight away!! Thank you

Brenda Mercer RN MN CDE CNS
Inpatient Diabetes Education & Management Certified in Adult and Gestation Insulin Adjustment Certified in Insulin Pump Adjustment

For more testimonials, please click here to check out the testimonials page.

I invite you to look around the site and comment. Please contact me if you have any ideas on how I can serve you better. Check back often for updates.  Best of luck on the exam!

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    1. Hi Francia, I am finishing the paypal integration and I hope it will be finished this weekend or next weekend. Please check back in 1-2 week and the practice exam and pathophysiology lectures should up ready. Thanks for your patience

    1. Hi Lynn, I’m glad that you found the Practice Examination useful. I didn’t anticipate this scenario where people would want to re-write. I would like to be able to offer some discount the second time around but I don’t have a way to program PayPal into recognizing a previous user and offering a discounted price. I would likely have to hire a programmer to code that but it is not possible now given that the exam is on Saturday. Unfortunately, it will be the same price to re-order this year. The system is not built for people re-ordering so you may want to use a new email and user name.

  1. Hi Esmond, I think the website is a great resource but my only concern is that since I am working, I cannot take out 48 hours for taking the prac. exam twice and reviewing all the material that comes with the purchase. Would you have another route available? Or once we buy a prac. exam, will the resources remain accessible till June? Kindly let me know. Thanks. Sumiti

    1. Hello Sumiti. Just to clarify you have two attempts at Practice Examination #1 which can be taken apart. For example you can take attempt #1 today and then take attempt #2 before the May exam. You have 24 hours each time to complete the 165 question Practice Examination. You have access to the pathophysiology lectures that come with the Practice Examination #1 package will June. I hope that answers your question. Thanks

      Esmond Wong BSc Pharm CDE APA

      1. Thanks Esmond,Now if I purchase exam 1 today, will I get access to the lectures etc right away even though I will not take the exam till tomorrow?RegardsSumiti

        1. Hello Sumiti. Yes, you have access to the pathophysiology lectures and the exam forum until June 2018. You have two attempts at Practice Examination #1 that you can take at any time. Each attempt lasts 24 hours before the exam automatically scores your test and kicks you out of the system.
          Thanks Esmond

          1. Thanks. And is it true that after the second attempt we can try it unlimited times.Also I just noticed that the Exam 3 is listed at $480. Seriously?RegardsSumiti

          2. Hello Sumiti. No, the unlimited tries is only for the Practice Examination #3 package. For both the Practice Examination #1 and #2 you only have two attempts at the exams. The practice examination #3 package allows you to have unlimited tries for both exams as well as 3 hours of personalized teaching from myself.
            Thanks Esmond

          3. The Practice Examination #3 package includes unlimited access to the practice exam #1 and #2. There is no exam #3 currently. Yes the #3 package is $480 + GST.
            Thanks Esmond

  2. Hello , Esmond
    I have passed my CDE exam.
    I am very thankful to your practice exam tests and your hard work. You made my exam preparation easy.

    Your practice test cost was small amount compared to material you have provided. It’s very cost effective.

    And even you helped us with email questions answer very quick. So you have done more than enough to help me.

    You are doing a great job. Please continue to help more Pharmacist to become CDE.

    Once again thanks .

    1. Hello Harshit. Thanks for the kind comments. Congratulations on passing the exam and becoming a CDE. Its definitely an achievement worth celebrating. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your preparation.

    1. Hello Emily, yes that is correct. You have two attempts that you can use at any time that you want before the exam. Each attempt for lasts 24 hours before the system automatically scores your exam. Thanks Esmond

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