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Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Esmond Wong, a clinical pharmacist practicing in Calgary, Alberta. I have been helping nurses, pharmacists, dietitians and one medical doctor pass the CDE™ exam for 7 years now. I have taught over 200 health care professionals and my students have a 95.8% pass rate. I am a CDE™, have independent prescribing rights and won Magnum Opus award in 2014 for excellent teaching.

Diabetes Canada has projected that diabetes is going to have a huge impact on the Canadian healthcare system. Diabetes was estimated to cost the Canadian healthcare system 11.7 billion dollars in 2010 and is projected to cost 16 billion dollars by 2020 (click here for Diabetes Canada report)

AND I want you to get involved! Diabetes education has opened up so many opportunities for me as a health care professional. When I got out of school I didn’t feel that I was making a difference in people’s health.  A lot of times, I felt that I was an inconvenience to the physicians, nurses and patients that I was trying to help. I got interested in diabetes because there is a lot, as health care professionals, that we can do to help patients. But it does require a degree of expertise as well.

The first patient I started on insulin was this quirky older women whom I had known since I was a student. Her sugars were completely out of control. I can still remember the terror I felt as she left the pharmacy and I started wondering; What if she has a low and falls down the stairs and breaks her hip? What if she uses the insulin pen incorrectly and jabs herself in the wrong place? What if I calculated the wrong dose of insulin?!? I clearly remember the sense of relief I felt when I saw her the next week and she reported that everything was fine.

Obtaining the CDE™ credential has given me confidence and has connected me to the larger CDE™ community. There are so many other energetic  professionals making a difference in people’s health and working towards a healthier Canada. I would highly recommend getting your CDE™ credential if you are working with patients with chronic disease. Thanks for reading about me and good luck on the exam!

Questions? Ideas? Things I can improve on? Broken links?

Please feel free to email me at cdestudycourse@gmail.com All constructive feedback is most welcome!


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    1. Hi Valerie, thanks for you interest in the site but it wont be ready till 2017. Currently I am working on re-certifying myself this year. Feel free to use the sample questions or email me if you have questions.

    1. Hi Nital, thanks for your interest in the course unfortunately my site wont be ready till 2017. Please feel free to use the sample questions on the exam and email me if you have any questions

    1. Hi Lana, the full site will not be up till 2018 but I am working on a 165 sample question exam for 2017. I am hoping to have it up by February 2017. Thanks for your interest in the site

        1. Hi Nital I am putting on the final touches and I am hoping to have it up at the start of March. Thanks for your interest in the site and feel free to post any questions. Thanks

  1. For test question one you discuss insulin to carbohydrate ratio. As per your answer, would the client take 4 units of insulin? Would you not subtract the fibre first and then only give 3 units of insulin as the fibre would be subtracted from the total carbohydrates which could potentially put the client at risk of a low blood sugar as technically the carb intake would then only be 55 grams?

  2. Disregard my question on insulin/ carb ratio. I see you were not asking about carbohydrates however specifically asking about fructose. Therefore the qustion is clear and I misread it. Thank you.

    1. Hello Mimi, thanks for bringing the error to my attention. I am currently working on it and hope to have it fixed by tomorrow. I apologize for any inconvenience.

    1. Hi Corinne, to register for Practice Examination #1 go to the purchase tab and you can pay via credit card or paypal. After you confirm your email address the site should bring you to start Practice Examination #1. There is currently no content in the dashboard. Thanks for alerting me about the bug with the Targets quiz. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Esmond, I was so relieved after received mail notification that I passed yesterday! Thank you for putting together the practice exam. I did it 1 week before the exam when I felt my study is mostly done. The 24 hour access worked out well! It put me in a real life exam situation and I finished in 1 sitting. I took a break and only check the answers the next morning. Although I have previously passed the CDE a few times, the volume of info is ever increasing. Thanks for your hardwork. I would definitely recommend this practice exam to others.

    1. Hi Neeta, thanks for your interest in the website. I am still updating the site but Practice Examination #1 and the Pathophysiology lectures should up around November. The cost is about $50 for each practice examination. I will have videos and more practice quizzes up in a few weeks so please check back often. Thanks again

  4. Hi Esmond. I a glad I came across your website as I feel it would be great help for the CDE. I am currently doing the PearlHealth modules, however I am uncertain if it provides the right information. Any thought on the course would be appreciated, if you would recommend it. I will be doing your lectures and exams as well to cover as much as possible. -Thank you.

    1. Hi Marie. I haven't done the Pear Health modules but I have heard that they are a good review for diabetes in general and the exam. My web site is more focused on the exam and practicing for the exam. I feel the book Building Competency: The Essentials is the best supplement to review for exam. You can find it in the Diabetes Canada store. If you have any other questions feel free to email me or post here. Thanks Esmond

  5. on the website it says we can purchase package 1 and we can have 2 attempts within 48 hrs?
    but on feb update it says you can select package 1 and have 2 attempts in whatever time period? which one is correct?

    1. Hi Harry. You can take the 2 attempts as far apart as you like. I've changed the description in the purchase page to make it more clear. Most people take the first attempt right away and then plan to take the second attempt closer to the exam. Thanks Esmond

    1. Hello Hiren. Thanks for your interest in the site. Practice Examination #3 package does contain unlimited tries but is much more expensive. It includes unlimited tries for both practice exams and 3 hours of personal tutoring as well. It is $480 + GST. If you interested I can switch your package. Thanks

  6. Hi, Is any of the practice examination (unlimited) has more questions (>165) or different questions from the limited ones ? OR the only difference is numbers of tries and attempts ? I can not see (or locate) Practice examination #3 ?? Please advise

    1. HI Ragab. There is no difference between unlimited tries practice examination (package #3) and the other practice examinations. The only difference is the number of tries. There is no practice examination #3. Package #3 includes unlimited tries for both practice examination #1 and #2. Thanks

    1. Hello Naheed. The Practice Examinations and Pathophysiology lectures are accessed online. You should have received an email with you login and password. You can login on the bottom right corner of the main page. Once you are logged in please read all the instructions carefully for the practice examinations. Thanks


  7. Testimonial:


    on you testimonial page I see people writing from AB, ON, and BC, so I thought I would let you know that we in Atlantic Canada also LOVE your website and the assistance it provides as we study for CDE recertification or 1st time certifications!! My friend and I studied together last year, and when I found your site I was elated and amazed that you take such pride in being a CDE and it definitely demonstrates this as you share your knowledge and professional background through this site. Last year, my friend, Mavis and I, paid for your exam and wrote it together making sure we timed it according to the time allotted for the CDE exam. We took our time on some questions and discussed others questions so we went over by 10 minutes however we figured that without the discussions we would have had ample time to write the exam. We wrote 2 weeks prior to the CDE EXAM and the feedback you provided gave us all the information needed to identify our weaker areas and we also had time to devote to theses areas prior to the exam!

    We both passed – I for the 3rd time, and Mavis for the 1st time. She told me that your site was more helpful that the online course she took!!
    This year I have shared you website with Dietitians new to our outpatient Diabetes Education Clinic; they will be writing on May 26th here in Fredericton, NB and when I told them how helpful your site has been in previous years and that your provided IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK when the exam is marked, they wanted the web address straight away!!

    Thank you

    Brenda Mercer RN MN CDE
    CNS Inpatient Diabetes Education & Management
    Certified in Adult and Gestation Insulin Adjustment
    Certified in Insulin Pump Adjustment

    1. Hello Brenda. Thank you so much for the kind words and your testimonial! They mean ALOT to me. When I first began building the website I kept worrying if I was smart enough or helpful enough, so those words mean so much to me. I am going to put your testimonial on my front page. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. People need to know about diabetes, I never worried about it until my Aunt's husband was diagnosed and my stepfather. There are ways to prevent and curb diabetes symptoms. I think you are doing a great thing by educating people on diabetes.

    1. Hi Marge, I'm not sure I've never tested my website on an iPad before. I would guess that if the iPad is new and powerful enough then it should be able to run my Practice Exam simulation but I cant guarantee it. Thanks Esmond

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